Father Christmas

When Father Christmas heard that our Christmas Tree Festival and Carols on the Square have had to be cancelled, he got straight on the phone to Earls Barton Library and Community Centre…….

This is dreadful”, he said. “When will the children in Earls Barton be able to see me?”.

We quickly made some arrangements ….and using his special magic, Father Christmas is going to relocate his sitting room from the North Pole to the Library – for two days in December*. Children will be able to bring him their Christmas wish-list letters, chat to him, have a ‘selfie’ photo taken, and also receive a small gift.

Children (and adults) might wish to recognise those unlucky children who might not be receiving presents this year – by leaving with Father Christmas (unwrapped) gifts that they would like to donate to such children.

What about this horrid Covid?” asked Father Christmas? (As might you).

We were able to reassure him (and you) that we will take all precautions – having a one-way system in and out of the building, with a queuing system, social distancing, and lots of hand sanitiser.

Unfortunately, these arrangements and the precautions we must take mean there will be no sitting on Father Christmas’ lap, as the children will have to stand quite a long way away from him to conform with Government guidelines.

We must also have a booking system, which will be available in the Library – if/when open (usually open 2.30pm – 4pm weekdays and 10am -1pm on Saturdays), to make sure that all the children who want to come and meet Father Christmas get time they want with him.

For as long as the current the current restrictions apply denying us access to the library please call Julie on 01604 812 342 to book your place.


*Father Christmas will be with us on Sunday 13th December and Sunday 20th December from 10am – 2pm